CHIDS GA Reflections: Summer Internship Experience at J&J

September 9, 2013 4:24 pm
Posted By: Alex Hur

I was presented with a wonderful opportunity to work at Johnson & Johnson this summer for my MBA internship. Specifically, I was working at Ethicon in New Business Development (NBD) in Somerville, NJ which is now part of J&J’s Global Surgery Group. Most people would associate J&J with their consumer division, but an interesting fact is that the Medical Device and Diagnostics division has been the main source of growth for the company in recent years and makes up ~40% of the company’s top-line revenue.

This was my first opportunity to work for a high caliber, multi-national company, and I was thrilled at what the next 13 weeks had in store for me. Throughout the summer, I was responsible for managing four main projects while also assisting with a variety of projects for the internal use of NBD which included preparing a financial comps analysis for quarterly review in addition to monitoring relevant industry transactions.

My primary responsibilities consisted of the following:

▪          Conducted research and presented on a billion-dollar white-space project in Interventional Lung Care which included building a comprehensive market forecast model to support primary market research.

▪          Developed and presented a strategic recommendation to a newly acquired medical device reprocessing company to support a new business model.

▪          Evaluated and presented research for the purpose of targeting alternative care markets as a potential growth driver for the Global Surgery Group

▪          Assisted with a financial model for the purpose of portfolio (SKU) rationalization.


Throughout the summer, I was afforded several opportunities to interact with senior leaders from various operating companies in addition to having met the company CEO, Alex Gorsky, during a town hall meeting. My internship exceeded all my expectations, and I am fortunate to have been a part of the NBD team this past summer.  The wealth of knowledge gained from my time at J&J will give me the confidence to apply these learnings to my work at CHIDS in the coming year and throughout my career.