Fitbit Force: First Impressions

Was very excited to get my hands on the Fitbit Force. I have been reading, comparing and following different wearable fitness devices for a while now but this was the first one that I could get my hands upon. The order took around a month to arrive. I wonder if some people decided to choose […]Continue reading «Fitbit Force: First Impressions»

New developments in healthcare with the smartphone technology

Smartphones, tablets, and related technologies are bringing ever-increasing functionality into the hands of medical professionals. Physicians are using apps that lasso disparate functions onto a single device, increasing productivity and efficiency, and apps that are helping them to diagnose maladies and make prescriptions more quickly. Apps bring new channels for communication between doctors and patients, […]Continue reading «New developments in healthcare with the smartphone technology»

Social Gamification – the next big thing in Healthcare

Gamification typically involves applying game design ideas to non-game applications to make them more fun and engaging. . When this principle is combined with social gaming, the results can have a promising impact on improving patient health. It might also result in a game-changing new market to battle for. (The US social gaming market is […]Continue reading «Social Gamification – the next big thing in Healthcare»

The Effectiveness of Mobiles in Healthcare

In this internet era, it is easy to be dazzled with funky apps available in the app-stores and turn a blind eye towards our understanding of a mobile health system. (For the sake of ease, I will refer these as smart-apps for smartphones and tablets). Hence, let’s not restrict the definition of a mobile health […]Continue reading «The Effectiveness of Mobiles in Healthcare»

Top 5: New Health IT Resources from the AHRQ Innovations Exchange

Featured in the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) Innovations Exchange, these five new  Innovation Profiles focus on health IT: Automated, Telephone-Based Interactive, Language-Appropriate Monitoring Engages and Improves Health Behaviors of Low-Income Diabetes Patients (link) Daily Patient-Provider Communication and Data Transfer Using Mobile Phones Improves Outcomes and Reduces Costs for Teens With Chronic Asthma  […]Continue reading «Top 5: New Health IT Resources from the AHRQ Innovations Exchange»

Top 5: Health Care Innovation Awardees

Five organizations that have won a Health Care Innovation Award from the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation for their proposed health IT intervention: Comprehensive community-based approach to reducing inappropriate imaging (Altarum Institute): aiming to reduce unnecessary imaging studies, they plan to create a data-exchange system between primary care and imaging facilities. The Bronx Regional […]Continue reading «Top 5: Health Care Innovation Awardees»

Top 5: Free Health & Fitness Android Apps

These are today’s most-downloaded free health and fitness mobile apps, according to the Android Market website: Calorie Counter – MyFitnessPal: database with calorie counts for more than a million foods WebMD for Android: features a decision-support tool, the interactive “Symptom Checker,” where users indicate a body part and enter their symptoms to see information on […]Continue reading «Top 5: Free Health & Fitness Android Apps»

Top 5: Companies listed on CHIDSapedia

The most-viewed CHIDSapedia company listings (health gaming companies seem to be the most popular) Cardiio: producer of an app that converts mobile cameras into “biosensors,” i.e., a heart rate monitor Zipongo: runs a coupon program in the style of Groupon or Living Social that focuses on healthy eating choices Virgin Health Miles: a program from […]Continue reading «Top 5: Companies listed on CHIDSapedia»

Top 5: PriceWaterhouseCoopers on mHealth

    The Economist Intelligence Unit, on behalf of PriceWaterhouseCoopers, asked patients, doctors and payers for their opinions on mHealth issues. Click the below category links for full survey results from each group: Category Patients Doctors and Payers Expectation vs. reality Roughly half of patients surveyed expect mHealth to change their healthcare experience and improve […]Continue reading «Top 5: PriceWaterhouseCoopers on mHealth»

Top 5: Health & Fitness Android Apps ($)

These are today’s top (most-downloaded) health and fitness mobile apps, according to the Android Market website: Endomondo Sports Tracker PRO ($4.99): tracks and analyzes exercise time, duration, GPS location for any outdoor sport runtastic PRO ($3.99): this exercise tracking app is focused on running Alarm Clock Plus(NoAds) ($0.99): a multi-feature customizeable alarm clock (allows you […]Continue reading «Top 5: Health & Fitness Android Apps ($)»