Reflection on Innovation Centers Summit

The proliferation of information technology in the last decade in the realm of healthcare delivery signifies a disruptive change in the way healthcare businesses are organized and care is delivered. Increasing investments in healthcare IT (HIT), the passing of the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act (HITECH), and the successful defense of […]Continue reading «Reflection on Innovation Centers Summit»


Affordable Care Act – HITECH Act The $19.2 billion Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act (HITECH Act)  that was signed into law in 2009 seeks to improve the quality of our healthcare system and patient care while lowering its costs through an investment in Health IT:  computerizing all of America’s medical records. […]Continue reading «The HITECH Act»

Adoption of e-Prescribing

Despite having to forfeit 1.5% of total Medicare reimbursements due to a penalty for non-compliance with the ePrescribing mandate for Medicare Health Care Providers (HCPs), 40% of HCPs have yet to comply with the mandate. Even an incentive program (Medicare’s Electronic Prescribing Program) that pays 0.5% to HCPs that have implemented an e-Prescription (eRx) system […]Continue reading «Adoption of e-Prescribing»

Top 5: “Around the World” stories from

These articles were featured in, a weekly email newsletter prepared by Longwoods, a Canadian publisher of academic, scientific and professional journals: Carestream Health has announced a workshop that will focus on training Polish healthcare workers to use their dental and medical imaging systems (link) the European Commission will launch a robotics-focused Public […]Continue reading «Top 5: “Around the World” stories from»

mHealth Alliance: Enlighten and Empower

As a company devoted to improving world health and wellbeing via the catalyzing power of mobile technologies, mHealth Alliance focuses its strategic activities on bridging the gaps within the mHealth ecosystem and advancing key mHealth initiatives. The company has coined a new term: “mHealth Commons”, defined as “public goods that would accelerate the impact and mainstreaming […]Continue reading «mHealth Alliance: Enlighten and Empower»

UBC eHealth Strategy Office:Bridging Research and Education on Healthcare Innovation

UBC eHealth Strategy Office explores the innovative ways to utilize modern information and technologies to improve health care. The uniqueness of the Office is that it combines the research and educational expertise to facilitate health informatics development in Canada and worldwide. The mission of the Office rests on three pillars: research; education; technologies and innovation. […]Continue reading «UBC eHealth Strategy Office:Bridging Research and Education on Healthcare Innovation»