Fitbit Force: First Impressions

Was very excited to get my hands on the Fitbit Force. I have been reading, comparing and following different wearable fitness devices for a while now but this was the first one that I could get my hands upon. The order took around a month to arrive. I wonder if some people decided to choose […]Continue reading «Fitbit Force: First Impressions»

Do Quality Measures Help Patients Make Better Decisions?

I have been researching quality measures over the last 2 weeks to support potential integration into a mobile app that may help with selection of medical services.  An interesting question is how do patients select which hospitals to use. Do they pick the hospital they have experience with? Do they go to the closest one? […]Continue reading «Do Quality Measures Help Patients Make Better Decisions?»

Top 5: Health & Fitness Android Applications

Top paid applications (i.e., not free) according to the Android Market website: Endomondo Sports Tracker PRO ($3.99): tracks and analyzes exercise time, duration, GPS location Instant Heart Rate – Pro ($0.99): scan and read your heart rate using the phone’s camera WW Points Plus Diary & Scanner ($1.49):  Weight Watchers (WW) diet “points” calculator with […]Continue reading «Top 5: Health & Fitness Android Applications»