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Top 5: Free Health & Fitness Android Apps

These are today’s most-downloaded free health and fitness mobile apps, according to the Android Market website: Calorie Counter – MyFitnessPal: database with calorie counts for more than a million foods WebMD for Android: features a decision-support tool, the interactive “Symptom Checker,” where users indicate a body part and enter their symptoms to see information on […]Continue reading «Top 5: Free Health & Fitness Android Apps»

Top 5: Health “Gamification” Initiatives

Five gamification initiatives and the health insurer developer: Aetna (in partnership with Mindbloom): Bloom, a mobile app that reminds users to make healthy choices, stay connected with others, manage stress, etc. Humana (in partnership with Ubisoft): Your Shape®: Fitness Evolved 2012, sequel to the top selling Xbox Kinect fitness franchise Kaiser Family Foundation: Pos or […]Continue reading «Top 5: Health “Gamification” Initiatives »

Top 5: Companies listed on CHIDSapedia

The most-viewed CHIDSapedia company listings (health gaming companies seem to be the most popular) Cardiio: producer of an app that converts mobile cameras into “biosensors,” i.e., a heart rate monitor Zipongo: runs a coupon program in the style of Groupon or Living Social that focuses on healthy eating choices Virgin Health Miles: a program from […]Continue reading «Top 5: Companies listed on CHIDSapedia»

Lessons from our recent Workshop for Health IT and Economics

Several recent articles have criticized the apparent lack of savings occurring from investments in Health IT, leading to skepticism regarding the benefits of such investments and perhaps compromising future funding commitments. There seems to be two broad development paths that are not automatically complementary: investment in supply-side IT systems which would form a new “spine” […]Continue reading «Lessons from our recent Workshop for Health IT and Economics »

Top 5: New Health IT Resources from the AHRQ Innovations Exchange

Five new health IT Innovation Profiles from the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) Innovations Exchange “Disease Management Programs Improve Adherence to Evidence-Based Processes and Outcomes by Targeting Sickest Patients and Working Closely With Physicians” (link) “Electronic Isolation Flags and Weekly Rounds by Infection Control Staff Improve Adherence to Contact Precautions” (link) “Full Disclosure of […]Continue reading «Top 5: New Health IT Resources from the AHRQ Innovations Exchange»