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Qualcomm: Connect, Accelerate and Transform

As a world leader in next generation mobile technologies, Qualcomm’s ideas and inventions are driving increased wireless connectivity and helping to bring minds and ideas together. In fact, Qualcomm has a presence in many industries, such as consumer electronics, energy, education, government, etc.  As in the healthcare industry, the company is  providing leading mobile technology […]Continue reading «Qualcomm: Connect, Accelerate and Transform»

Top 5: New Health IT Resources from the AHRQ Innovations Exchange

The five latest health IT Innovation Profiles from the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) Innovations Exchange: “Electronic Standing Orders Highlight Care Gaps and Allow Nonphysicians to Address Them, Leading to Increased Provision of Preventive Services” (link) “Referring Physicians Send Electronic Handoff Note With Pertinent Patient Information to Emergency Department, Improving Physician Efficiency and […]Continue reading «Top 5: New Health IT Resources from the AHRQ Innovations Exchange»

Top 5: mHealth Alliance Publications

Five recent publications from the mHealth Alliance 1.) mHealth Education: “Harnessing the Mobile Revolution to Bridge the Health Education & Training Gap in Developing Countries” 2.) The Role of mHealth in the Fight Against Tuberculosis: from the mHealth Alliance and the Stop TB Partnership 3.) Advancing the dialogue on Mobile Finance and Mobile Health: how […]Continue reading «Top 5: mHealth Alliance Publications »

mHealth Alliance: Enlighten and Empower

As a company devoted to improving world health and wellbeing via the catalyzing power of mobile technologies, mHealth Alliance focuses its strategic activities on bridging the gaps within the mHealth ecosystem and advancing key mHealth initiatives. The company has coined a new term: “mHealth Commons”, defined as “public goods that would accelerate the impact and mainstreaming […]Continue reading «mHealth Alliance: Enlighten and Empower»

Top 5: Resources from the Deloitte Center for Health Solutions

The five most recent “featured insights” from the Deloitte Center for Health Solutions, the health services research arm of professional services firm Deloitte LLP.   1.) Monday Memo: Weekly Update on Health Care Reform Dated July 9th, this weekly publication reviews the previous week’s health reform activities and opens with a letter from the Center’s […]Continue reading «Top 5: Resources from the Deloitte Center for Health Solutions»

Top 5: Posts from “Making Health Care Reform Work”

In light of the recent Supreme Court health reform decision, we bring you five recent posts from our friends over at the Making Health Care Reform Work Blog, a project of the IBM Center for the Business of Government at UMD’s Public Policy School. How Many Plans Should be Offered In the Health Exchanges? U.S. […]Continue reading «Top 5: Posts from “Making Health Care Reform Work”»