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Looming Deadlines in HIX Development

States are facing numerous deadlines as a result of the health care overhaul bill as they scramble to decide how and if to develop a health insurance exchange as mandated by law. Some states have complied fully with the law and have HIXs already developed. Others are in the process of creating one. Yet some […]Continue reading «Looming Deadlines in HIX Development»

Top 5: eHealthInsurance Educational Resources

Five ways to access online consumer education resources produced by eHealthInsurance, a health insurance “aggregator” that markets and sells policies from over 180 insurance companies. Download Individual Health Insurance For Dummies, Health Care Reform Special Edition, an ebook produced in cooperation with For Dummies®, a branded imprint of Wiley, and co-authored by eHealthInsurance (also available […]Continue reading «Top 5: eHealthInsurance Educational Resources»

Venture Capital Firms Showing More Interest in Health IT Companies

As per Kaiser Health News/Washington Post, Venture capitalists are increasingly investing in health IT companies that use data analytics and care management applications to help health care providers control medical costs. It also mentions that the investment in biotechnology and medical devices has declined sharply since 2007. Research from PricewaterhouseCoopers shows that health care software […]Continue reading «Venture Capital Firms Showing More Interest in Health IT Companies»

Finding a Deal on HIX in Georgia

In an October post, this blog questioned how some states will handle health insurance exchange development with both constituent influences and federal requirements pushing them in different directions. In that post (mostly dealing with Minnesota), Republicans were debating whether to develop their own HIX in order to avoid a one-size-fits-all federal plan or to continue […]Continue reading «Finding a Deal on HIX in Georgia»

EHRs: Meaningful Use Stage 3

According to a recent post on iHealthBeat, the “Health IT Policy Committee began discussing provisions that could be included under Stage 3 of the meaningful use incentive program.” Some interesting points: Paul Tang, chair of the committee’s meaningful use work group, noted that stage 3 will be developed using the same process used to develop […]Continue reading «EHRs: Meaningful Use Stage 3»

Top 5: Venture Capital Firms Investing in Health IT

The Top 5 venture capital firms featured in a Washington Post article discussing the trend that finds professional investors favoring health IT firms over “biotechnology and medical devices.” Highland Capital Partners founder Bob Higgins teaches a class on health-care entrepreneurship at Harvard Business School and is quoted as saying: “My sharpest students are all trying […]Continue reading «Top 5: Venture Capital Firms Investing in Health IT»

Kansas Moves Ahead with HIX

As a growing number of states take action on implementing health insurance exchanges (HIXs), some may draw back due to recent actions by the Supreme Court. Yesterday, the Supreme Court decided that it would review the constitutionality of the sweeping health care reform passed by Obama. While many states may reel back their attempts to […]Continue reading «Kansas Moves Ahead with HIX»

Strong EHR Revenue Growth Predicted

According to Millennium Research Group (MRG), there will be strong revenue growth in the electronic health records (EHR) market for the next five years. In fact, Health Data Management reports that MRG predicts the “EHR software market will grow at an annual rate of more than 12 percent through 2016, hitting $8.3 billion that year,” […]Continue reading «Strong EHR Revenue Growth Predicted»

Top 5: Health IT Companies by 2010 Revenue

Healthcare Informatics magazine reports that, judging by 2010 revenue derived from health IT products and services in the US, these are the five largest American health IT companies. McKesson Technology Solutions: $3.12 billion Dell Inc.: $2.63 billion CareFusion: $2.6 billion Philips Healthcare: $2.4 billion Cerner Corporation: $1.85 billionContinue reading «Top 5: Health IT Companies by 2010 Revenue»

“Electronic Health Records” will make the planet a greener place!

Switching from paper to electronic health records will not only be good for the health of the patients but also for the health of the planet. The results of a new study by California-based health-care giant Kaiser Permanente showed that electronic health records – EHRs in industry jargon – could lower carbon dioxide emissions by […]Continue reading «“Electronic Health Records” will make the planet a greener place!»